Click to watch 1 minute intro on how to use the Survival Stand.

Great for Hiking, Camping and Emergency Prepping!

Get your Candle Lantern Out of the Tent!

Get Connected!

Close up of Survival Stand connecting UCO Candle Lantern to Pak-Flat Reflector

The Survival Stand expands the versatility of your Candle Lantern system!

Connect your original UCO Candle Lantern* to the UCO Pac-Flat Reflector™  in a whole new way! Great for Camping and Emergency Kits!

(*see Specifications for a complete compatibility list)



Survival Stand with UCO Candle Lantern and Pak-Flat Reflector

The Survival Stand gives your lantern the stability to go where you go. Part of your essential Camping and Outdoor Gear!

Liberate your Candle Lantern! Essential Camping Gear


Get Your Lantern Out Where the Fun is!

Finally a reason to Get Your Lantern out of Storage!

Stand up to Harsh Conditions

Survival Stand vs unprotected candle lanterns

Don't let your light go out! Add the Survival Stand to your camping and outdoor gear and stay warm!

Which would you rely on?

Survival Stand helps Candle Lanterns stand up

Alone, or mated to a Pac-Flat Reflector™, the Survival Stand provides a reliable, tip-free solution to heating winter camping shelters.

Improved stability for all seasons!

Survival Stand in the summer

Reduce those waxy spills using accessories you probably already have.  The Survival Stand is an ingenious adapter that adds new life to your lantern for camping year-round.

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