The Prince Innovation Survival Stand  fits the following brands of Candle Lanterns

1. UCO original Candle Lantern (aluminum, anodized or brass)

2. Cabella's Candle Lantern

3. Bass Pro Candle Lantern

3. LL Bean Candle Lantern

Design Details- Survival Stand Candle Lantern Adapter


Prince Innovations Survival Stand

Lifetime Guarantee!* 

Lightweight (only 20 g), the Survival Stand is made of Space Age Polycarbonate to ensure durability in all temperatures and conditions.

Crush tabs ensure snug fit

Candle Lantern fits into Survival Stand

Lantern slides snugly into Survival Stand.  Fits all Standard 2"dia. UCO Candle Lanterns™.  The base friction fits into the adapter.

Base mates to Reflector

Survival Stand links UCO Candle Lantern to Pak Flat Reflector

Fins on the Survival stand slide into the bail slots of the Pac-Flat Reflector™ and lock securely in place with a twist.

Links your lantern and reflector in a new way!

Close up of Survival Stand connected to UCO Candle Latern and Pak-Flat Reflector


Convert your reflector into a broad, stable base for your candle lantern in all conditions.

Ridges make handling with gloves a breeze


The ridges around the outside of the ring help with grip, even with gloves on.  They also mark the position of the guide fin and the locking tabs.

Twist-lock tabs secure Reflector

Survival Stand locks into Pak Flat Reflector

The Survival Stand fits easily into the reflector. A gentle push down and a twist  locks it in place.  To remove, lift gently and rotate back.

Survival Stand Technical Specs





29 g

Lantern Light Output

12.5 lumens

Lantern Heat Output

Approx 1800 BTU/candle