Summer Survival TIps

Great video tips on lightweight hammock for camping in the back country.

Get Started Now!

Quick Start Guide

A quick video on how to get your Survival Stand connected and ready to go!

Survival Stand 101

The complete Survival Stand Guide

A detailed guide on how to get the most out of your new Survival Stand.

Winter Surivival Tips 1

Building a Quinzhee

Demonstration of how to build a Quinzhee, and how to use the Prince Innovation Survival Stand with your candle lantern in it.

Winter Survival Tips 2

Heating and Lighting Your Winter Shelter

How to use your Survival Stand and a candle lantern to keep your snow shelter warm.

Winter Survival Tips 3

Sleeping Tips

Tips on how to spend the night more comfortably in your snow shelter using your Survival Stand, and Candle Lantern.

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